Patient Testimonials

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Patient Testimonials

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Patient Testimonials

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Patient Testimonials

Don’t Take Our Word For It

I was in need of a friendly, compassionate and professional dentist. I went to a bad dentist and didn’t want to return. I found Dr. Fish’s Face Book page and read about him. All the reviews were good and positive. I called and they worked me in. He met with me and my husband and really put our concerns at ease. Dr. Fish took time to get to know us and tell us how he operated his office; he made sure we knew the game plan. He worked me in on short notice for x-rays and a small examination to see what we were up against. All the employees in his office are very friendly in a sincere way. They make you feel like a friend, not a paying stranger. I was impressed and pleased; Dr. John Fish is now my Dentist and my husband is switching over also. I would highly recommend Dr. Fish and his wonderful staff.

Sandi M.

The staff and Dr. Fish were most kind and informative. Everything about the visit went very well.

Pat S.

Very professional staff. Dr. Fish is outstanding. There is not a better dental practice.

Andy A.

I am just beginning the process of receiving my Dental Care from Dr. John Fish, but it is already obvious that Dr. Fish and his staff genuinely care about their patient’s dental care as well as their personal feelings. I can’t imagine having regrets for finding Dr. Fish, although I am sure that God guided me to him. Because of the wonderful personal care I have already received from Dr. Fish and his entire staff, I can only believe that the Dental Care I am soon to receive will more than meet my “…expectations” and I look forward to recommending Dr. Fish to all my family members and friends. For the first time in many years, I can say I have hope, and I owe this feeling of Hope to God, and Dr. John Fish. Thank you everyone and may God dearly bless you.

Terry S.

I’m never disappointed when going to Dr. Fish’s office. I’m always greeted with the friendliest smiles by each staff member. I’ve never even thought about going to a different dentist office because I know I would never get the outstanding service like I receive here.


I was very self conscious. I didn’t smile and I purposely hid my teeth. The thing that surprised me was I was never never in pain. Having this done was the best thing I ever did. It was the best money I have ever spent. Would do again. I have recommended this to other people. There is nothing I can’t eat.

Nancy H.

I was very self conscious. I didn’t smile and I purposely hid my teeth. The thing that surprised me was I was never never in pain. Having this done was the best thing I ever did. It was the best money I have ever spent. Would do again. I have recommended this to other people. There is nothing I can’t eat.

Nancy H.

Thanks for taking such good care of my wife. Her tooth looks great and she was very impressed with your office and the very pleasant overall experience.

Dan B.

It’s the only time I can remember when I didn’t shudder with the thought of going to the dentist. Aways a pleasurable experience.


Everyone is always friendly and willing to accomodate your needs!


I was happy with Dr. Fish and his office.


As usual – everyone and everything was perfection. Extremely friendly staff; courteous; attentive and always puts me at ease. Dr. Fish and staff are top notch in everything they do for the patient.


As always, my visit was wonderful. Dr. Fish and his Staff are the best. Friendly,attentive and I always feel like I am the most important patient they have. I highly recommend Dr. Fish Dentistry.


I have my implants and I love them. They are more than I expected. They are just what Dr. Fish said all along they would be. You made me feel more like a friend than a patient.


It was amazing how much I didn’t smell or taste before the work was done. I feel like a young kid again.


Dr. Fish and his staff are true professionals with a personal touch. Dr. Fish explained my options, answered my questions and made me feel that my dental problems were corrable and not something I would just have to live with.


Now I have a full set of teeth and I am so pleased with them. Now I can eat anything.


After not visiting a dentist for 25 years, my teeth were in terrible shape. Dr. Fish and his staff did a great job of reconstruction. I would highly recommend Dr. Fish to anyone needing dental care.


I was referred to this practice by a young dentist who admitted that my dental needs exceeded his abilities and experience. Now that my treatment is complete, I am complimented on my nice smile. Dr. Fish and his staff made me feel at ease almost as family. Never was I made to be embarrassed about prior dental care.


You are a perfectionist from the get to and follow it through to the end. The precision partials fit so well. But of course they would because of the time you guys spent making sure of it. I am so happy to smile and not worry about loose fit or metal hooks showing.


Family and friends have noticed a change for the better in my appearance and outlook on life. I am much more confident. I smile all the time now! My appearance is much improved. I had got to the point in my life before I avoided mirrors. Now I can stop to put lipstick on once again. It feels good to be able to be vain again!


I am very pleased with my teeth and can chew just about anything I want to now. I have not eaten peanuts in fifteen years and now I can eat peanuts. I just really enjoy my teeth.


I love my new smile. I’m always getting compliments, even after 4 years! People say to me how well I’ve taken care of my teeth all these years, that’s how natural my teeth look. I also look younger!


After my first visit with Dr. Fish, I knew I was going to like my smile much better. Today I am proud of my smile and I smile a lot!


Before I came to Dr. Fish’s office, I was very self-conscious about my teeth. I didn’t like to go anywhere much and I hardly ever smiled. When I walked into Dr. Fish’s office, I was really impressed. I would do all of this again in an instant as long as I had Dr. Fish.


Your office and staff are exceptional. We are both very well satisfied with the work we received. It was worth every cost of time and money. We are both thrilled to talk, smile and eat without being in pain or self-conscious. There is no doubt that we would do the process over again and only wish we would have done it sooner.

James & Marion

I had consultations with two other dentists who offered little hope for restoring my mouth so I would no longer require an upper denture, which I had worn for over 25 years. How do you say thank you to such a great team who gave me back my mouth, smile and self-esteem? THANK YOU!


Before, during and after treatment I was more than pleased with how much care was taken with my comfort and well-being. I was so pleased with the final results that I made an appointment for my wife.


I suffer from a very intense form of dental anxiety and Dr. Fish was able to perform many root canals, an extraction and fill cavities for me. I never knew that it had happened. I had absolutely no pain or discomfort.


Now I can come to the dentist without dread and fear because they understand. I would never think of going anywhere else. Dr. Fish and his staff are a standard of excellence above the rest in my opinion.


I had both upper and lower dentures by age 17. My treatment was done in steps and relatively pain free. This was not the case with my previous dental experiences. I have been extremely pleased with my results and only wish I had done it sooner!


I wore a partial plate that was loose fitting and exposed the connection of the appliance when I smiled. The treatment I chose was dental implants. I am very grateful to Dr. Fish and his staff. I find Dr. Fish to be very honest and trustworthy in his practice and you can communicate with the staff as you would a friend.


As a patient of Dr. John Fish, I would never ask anyone to stop seeing their current dentist, especially if they are TOTALLY satisfied. But if they have ANY doubts that they are receiving the absolute finest and most courteous treatment, I highly suggest they immediately contact Dr. Fish’s office for a FREE, yes I said FREE consultation. During my 50++ years, I have NEVER been treated both personally and professionally as I am with Dr. Fish and his staff. Along with Dr. Fish, the entire staff is a dedicated group of professionals who sincerely care about both “my” dental and personal concerns; and they take appropriate action to resolve the issues systematically, economically, and with lasting results. Please don’t take a chance with something so very important as your teeth…trust me, I wish I had visited Dr. Fish’s office sooner. Thank God that I was guided to Dr. Fish in time and now I am on a short road to having teeth that I can be proud to show with a big smile. Thank you.

Terry S.

Dr. Fish and staff are excellent. They know their profession.

Peggy P.

I don’t dread getting my teeth cleaned when I know Amy will be cleaning them! She always talks to me during the cleaning and tells me what to expect when. I look forward to seeing Amy every six months!

Natalie T.

I don’t dread getting my teeth cleaned when I know Amy will be cleaning them! She always talks to me during the cleaning and tells me what to expect when. I look forward to seeing Amy every six months!

Natalie T.

You all do a wonderful job of treating patients in a professional and caring manner. Thanks!


I commend Dr. Fish and staff on their work today in taking impressions for my dentures. They made the experience very encouraging and easy.

Shirley L.

Dr. Fish and his staff are wonderful. They are kind and helpful and answer any questions you may have. I have never liked going to a dentist, but this experience was different. Dr. Fish and his assistant accomplished a lot of work with very little discomfort. They do their dental procedures like a “well oiled” machine and at the same time, they remain very aware of your comfort. I have no fear of going back for my next appointment. After my initial visit, I received a very nice hand written note from Dr. Fish. He gave me a call after my first “working” appointment to see if I was well and to ask if I had any questions. This group of professionals are a cut above any dental office I have ever visited. In my opinion, they get five stars.

Pat S.

My dental implants are the best medical decision AND investment I have made and choosing Dr. John Fish was the next best decision. Just wanted to thank all of you at the office again…. especially for enduring my brand of humor.


I’m never disappointed when going to Dr. Fish’s office. I’m always greeted with the friendliest smiles by each staff member. I’ve never even thought about going to a different dentist office because I know I would never get the outstanding service like I receive here.


I would rate this business with the highest rating. Dr. Fish and staff always make me comfortable and give me a great feeling of confidence in any procedure that is being done.


A very warm and comfortable environment is created for the client.


I always feel welcome get the best care.


Thank you so very much for a gift of renewal and taking time out of your busy schedule to help me by getting all those bad teeth out. I am forever grateful for your kindness. I am realizing when you give back it is so amazing how you can touch someone else’s life no matter how big or small. So, thank you, and may God bless you.


Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the crown you all did for me. The color and shape are as close to perfect as I could ask for.


I now have my implants and I’m thrilled with the results! I can eat in restaurants and chew anything I want to chew. No loose dentures! I have been to many Doctors and Dentists in my life and I can honestly say that all my visits to Dr. Fish’s office have been first class. My only regret is that I didn’t go to Dr. Fish years ago.


For over a decade, I suffered with dentures I could not live with. I had an upper plate and a lower partial. No matter how many times I attempted to have th elower partial modified, it continued to cut my mouth, leaving painful sores and constant discomfort. I was embarrassed to smile and would often hide my smile behind my hand. Today, I am happy to smile anytime! I could not be happier with my results.


I had gone without lower teeth for 27 years. I was unable to wear lower dentures as a result of my mouth and chin becoming droopy. I thought I was beyond help. Dr. John Fish was recommended to me. I had an examination and consultation after which I decided that I would have the implant. This was one of the greatest decisions I have ever made.


I have been extremely pleased with the dental work Dr. Fish has done for me. Dr. Fish and his staff were very friendly and efficient.


When I came to see Dr. Fish, I had no hope of having teeth that would stay in place in my mouth. I now can smile and eat whatever I want for the first time, I can eat a candy apple without having to cut it up.


While in the service, I lost all of my jaw teeth. I could not chew properly. I always kept my teeth hid. Also, I refused to smile when I talked. The implants that I had put in feel, look and work like real teeth. I am one happy man about my teeth, now. Knowing what I know now, I would have gone to Dr. Fish for help ten years ago.


After getting dentures, I was never satisfied with the way they looked or fit. I got to the point that I wouldn’t eat around anyone but my husband. When we went in for my first consultation, I was totally surprised by the way I was treated, but most of all by the comfort that I felt there. I had little doubt whatsoever with the treatment I was about to receive. I have since been so ecstatic about my new look that I catch myself smiling without even thinking about it. We also go out to eat quite often now. It’s just amazing.


I am thoroughly tickled with the results and I couldn’t ask for any better results with my teeth. I have even started to eat some corn on the cob that I have not eaten in thirty years.


I can’t say enough about how pleased I am and how much better my life has been after receiving treatment for my dental problems at Dr. Fish’s office. I am sure I am a much more pleasant person to be around because smiling and feeling good about yourself is catching and seems to make other people feel good also.


Because of Dr. Fish and his wonderful staff, I smile with confidence. Words cannot express my gratitude!


You absolutely cannot get any better care than Dr. Fish and his staff. He worked with me on different options, trying to get the BEST result that would satisfy him and me. People continually tell me how pretty my smile is.


I had worn a bottom denture for almost a year, the worst time of my life. I didn’t smile or laugh and definitely didn’t eat out in public. I got four implants at minimal discomfort. I can’t thank Dr. Fish and his staff enough. I have no regrets, just happiness.


The experience has been great in every regard. The project was carried out in stages to fit my work schedule, the procedures much more comfortable than I would have ever imagined and the staff was accommodating and encouraging.


I grew up in a family of 11 children. To say the least we received little to no dental care as children. I lost many teeth by the age of 18. I had two lower bridges and an upper denture by the age of 20. In 1988 I decided to replace the upper denture with implants. This procedure, unfortunately, was not completed by Dr. Fish. The span of teeth was cemented on the the impacts, therefore, making it impossible to get the implants clean and free of all bacteria. My local dentist worked futilely to care for my dental needs prior to personally escorting me to Dr. Fish’s office. He did this after I was hospitalized with pericarditis (inflammation of the heart pericardium) in 1997. My dental needs were too extreme for my local dentist. I thank God that he recommended and introduced my to Dr. Fish. I personally feel that Dr. Fish saved my life by changing the construction of my implants to a bar. The span of teeth can clip onto the bar; therefore, they can be cleaned much better.

My first visit to Dr. John Fish’s office filled me with encouragement. He assured me with confidence that he could do a reconstruction of my implants and give me a healthy mouth again. Needless to say before coming to Dr. Fish, I had no self-confidence and felt very insecure about my smile and my health.

May 25, 1998 was a very bright, special and meaningful day in my life. This is the date of my first visit to Dr. Fish’s office. Dr. Fish and his staff treated me with great professionalism, warmth and courtesy.

Dr. Fish’s office is so modern and up to date. The office is most certainly a state-of-the-art, five-star facility. With all the difficult and extreme dental work Dr. Fish performed for me, pain was non-existent. He treated me as though I was his only patient. He always gave me encouragement and reassurance that everything would turn out beautifully.

After the complicated reconstruction of my implant situation, I have had a beautiful and healthy smile with no more implant-induced medical problems. I only have to return to Dr. Fish’s office for maintenance visits. Dr. John Fish’s dental work is far greater than outstanding. He is a remarkable dentist that can master extreme, problematic cases.

I would recommend Dr. Fish to anyone that has a dental need. He is so much more than a dentist. He truly performed miracles for me in my situation. I greatly admire, respect, appreciate and recommend him to anyone with a dental need.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Glenda C.

If you want a great, and professional dentist, you need to call Dr. John Fish. When I read about him in the Hickory magazine and on the internet, I made an appointment. I found him to be very professional and knowledgeable. He explained the procedure step by step. I knew I had found the right dentist. After my procedure was started, it also proved I made the right decision. His staff are great!! I’m so glad I found out about Dr. John Fish and his staff, I am blessed. If you are looking for the best dentist and staff, give Dr. Fish a call. Thank You, Dr. John Fish and Staff.

Robin N.

I had an unexpected visit because of a tooth that was bothering me. I called and they gave me an appointment the same day to be seen! Everyone was very helpful and didn’t make it seemed as if I had bothered them at all even though I know that they have a busy schedule without trying to work someone in. I was given all of my options to correct my problem and it was explained thoroughly. I can’t say enough about the staff and Dr. Fish they have always been great!

Pam H.

As usual, Amy does an excellent job!


Dr. Fish and his staff work diligently to provide a wonderful experience. I have been treated very well at every visit and upon completion of my visits, Dr. Fish has taken the extra time to check on me. This office makes its clients feel like they are part of their family.


The visit was good as usual.


The dental hygienist is very knowledgeable. The two dental assistants are excellent. Dr. Fish is totally amazing, gifted and he demonstrates a genuine concern for his patients. Dr. Fish’s knowledge pertaining to dentistry/ oral surgery is highly advanced and progressive beyond any oral surgeon that I have ever encountered. The whole atmosphere of the office is friendly and warm. Many thanks to Dr. Fish and Ginger, one of his dental assistants. Ginger is so nice, remains calm, is very professional and it is apparent that she has a genuine concern for the clients of Dr. Fish. I cannot say enough about the way Ginger handles clients. She is a keeper.


Dr. Fish and his staff are, in my opinion, the most skilled in the Hickory, NC area for general and cosmetic dentistry. I have been going to them for several years and have always been more than satisfied with the service and expertise.


Dr. Fish and the staff make each visit personal with the kindness and care experienced.


Amy was my dental hygienist. She was very professional and made me feel like I was having a visit with a friend instead of an appointment at a dentist office. I felt very comfortable and my visit was painless and a pleasure.


Outstanding professionalism and a fun atmosphere at the same time. Dr. Fish is simply the best!


Great job! If you have a fear of dental work, Dr. Fish is your guy. He works with you and your budget. Explains everything. Plus he a great staff. Absolutely the BEST!


I want you to know my mouth feels normal! The metal in it is so smooth. The plastic is so smooth, it’s as smooth as glass. When I ate my dinner last night, it was wonderful. I had no problems chewing. It was wonderful. I went by the grocery store after I left your office yesterday and I saw a male nurse I worked with at Broughton and he said, ‘You look wonderful! You had something done to your teeth.’ I said, ‘Yes, I had veneers.’ He said, ‘You look really great!’ and so I wanted to tell you that I am just so happy and it really has a lot to do with my outlook. I think you all are wonderful and you are so highly skilled. I just wanted to let you know. Thank you so much!


When I first met Dr. Fish and his staff. I was so embarrassed about my mouth, teeth and gums. It is amazing what this lower implant did for me, plus fixing the top of my mouth. I can’t find enough words to say how much it saved my health.


I am so proud of my smile that a lot of my friends tell me that I look like I am running for office!


I have a full mouth of teeth, and they feel so good. Now I don’t feel uncomfortable when I smile.


Although I hesitated having my teeth completely renewed, now I am glad that I had the work done.


That personal touch certainly made all the difference in me not being afraid to return to your office. Now I’m very proud of my great smile and beautiful teeth.


I am very pleased with the results. My teeth are beatufiul and I smile all of the time. I wish I had found out about Dr. Fish earlier.


My teeth were functional but not what I would call an asset to my features. Treatment options, costs, etc. were explained to me very thoroughly and I was able to make my decisions and feel good about it. I love my smile now. Days of hiding behind my hands are gone. And the compliments I get all the time! I only wish I had done it earlier.


People that knew me before the work was done were amazed at what Dr. Fish had done and when I tell people about the work that has been done on my teeth they can’t believe it. The dental work looks completely natural and feels completely normal.


When I came to Dr. Fish my teeth were so misaligned and uneven that I would try to hide them when I smiled or spoke. Now I smile all the time with a new confidence, thanks to Dr. Fish and everyone who works with him.


I would highly recommend Dr. Fish and his staff. You will be taken care of in the manner all of us wish to be taken care of and that is with respect, kindness, professionalism and the results in your dental care will be beyond your expectations.


I’ve seen family members that I haven’t seen in years. They wanted to know what my secret was for the youthful look. All they got from me was a BIG SMILE!! I am very, very pleased and love my new teeth.


After being in an auto accident and losing my upper teeth, I needed a vast amount of work to be done. I could not be happier with the result of all the procedures I had done. I received the best care possible and the way I was treated by the personnel in the office was fantastic.